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Solving your Housing Needs Together

Feb 9, 2022

Overwhelmed by the Housing Market and feeling stuck–wishing you could find the right sized home?

The market is pretty crazy! The Fort Collins Board of Realtors’ Monthly Report for December 2021 shows that




​One-Year Change in Single Family SOLD LISTINGS

One-Year Change in Single Family DAYS ON MARKET

​One-Year Change in Single Family MEDIAN SALE PRICE

  • The One-Year change in Single Family Sold Listings were down 17% - so we have fewer homes on the market.

  • The One-Year change in Single Family Days on Market is down 29.1%-- meaning properties are selling even more quickly than the previous year!

  • The One-Year change in Single Family Median Sales Price is up 25%-- we are obviously seeing prices increase- and this is a substantial number.

(see the whole DECEMBER 2021 report at

Housing Report - DEC 2021
Download PDF • 692KB

With all these stats, people are still finding homes to better fit their lifestyles– it just takes professional guidance to help solve this problem and get you un-stuck!

I specialize in Problem Solving with my clients’ needs and wishes in mind. I engage my creativity and do my best to find a solution that gets my clients where they want to be.

When you’re ready to get started, let’s get together. I’ll talk with you about your unique and personal situation, as I can’t solve the problem if I’m not asking the right questions! Then, we’ll put a strategy and timeframe in place.

Dream about the next-step home you have in mind. My job is to work to navigate the market, the inventory, paperwork and deadlines to help you realize your dream.

Call me! Let’s do this!


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